How Many Boyfriends Can A Nigerian Girl Have?

How many boyfriends can a Nigerian girl have is the street gist BattaBox heads out to ask the Nigeria dating scene – with some crazy replies!

The Nigeria dating scene appears to be extremely competitive for the Nigerian guys: “A girl can have as much as possible – two, five, six, or even more!”

But how do you manage so many boyfriends?

We also asked everyone to explain how they save the names on their phone: “ATM, Yam Leg, or the place where they met like Keke or Ajegunle,” said one Nigerian girl.

Often the boyfriends are save in the phone as the name of what they are needed for like recharge card, money, or hairdresser – which means they collect money for hair.

“Some of these women have lots of boyfriends for money, and they will save their names as shopkeeper or one chance,” laughed a young Nigerian man. “Or they will save them as a female name.”

How many boyfriends do you have and how would you save them on your phone?

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