BattaBox helps a Poor Family celebrate Christmas in Nigeria

While many people enjoy the festive Christmas season, others are finding it hard to even feed themselves. So this season, BattaBox wanted to profile a poor family and their daily struggles to survive.

“Some terrible circumstances carried me to this place at Makoko, but I never chose to live in a place like this,” said Mr Lawal. “We can only afford to eat once a day, my wife washes clothes for others to help the family and so we can eat.”

Mr Lawal packs sawdust at the sawmillto earn a living, earning sometimes up to N1000 a day – almost $3.

In the run up to Christmas, BattaBox went to buy some chickens for the family.

“We don’t want to just come here and profile you, we do really care, so we brought you these extras for your christmas meal,” says Odunayo, our BattaBox Presenter.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, very sad some people still leave a very sad live like this, our government is not ready to help any physical challenge…. Very, very sad ..
    I’ll like to have their contact is possible, the best is to move them out of that place, how can someone be leaving in that area, not really helpful with their health condition..
    Please link me up to them and let work together to move them out of that place.

  2. Good morning. Please how can I help this family help me help them please this is Christmas time and I helped my family why not help someone like this family because this is not a like for someone with family to live in. contact me please my number is 6178587007. Thanks and merry Christmas to you all.

  3. Please what is your location in Lagos so I can send my brother to come with some fund to you guys to help this family. this is the season and I pray that God will be all that help this family. I will do my part.

  4. Hello All: the contact info to help the family was in the info section below the video on YouTube. Please email for more info. That’s what I did. I pray that we are all able to turn the plight of this family around.

  5. I had requested to reach this family via twitter but just got alike from BattaBox. Please we will like to reach this family and help a little bit.

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