How to be a better mum in Nigeria

Mothers are amazing beings and the best that has happened to humans in the world. Lagos Mum Conference is a nice way to celebrate mums, network, interact and share experiences as a community, so we decided to be a part by joining in. Stay with us!!!

It is in our mission to push support towards innovative ideas like the Lagos Mums Conference and it is an opportunity for our viewers especially the mums to learn some vital notes about parenting. The Lagos Mums Conference is driven by the mission to provide a community for mothers all over the world as a means to network and interact.

“It takes a lot for an event to keep mothers from 9am to 6pm, a child’s attention span is actually short, imagine what an adult is. And they stayed to listen, contribute and that says a lot about lagos mums first, for their babies to attract them and it says a lot about the speakers. And for the mums to have stayed from 9 to 6, that tells you first that they talked about issues that were dear to them, that touched them, so it was an amazing conference.” – One of the mums said.

“Teaching your children how to save from the early stage you know, also teaching the children to be upright and honest with whatever they do. And it is also important for you as a mother, to be honest as well because whatever you do, your children learn.” also said by an attendee.

“Well, I came in during the financial aspect and I took a whole lot from it. Hmm, teaching the children to save, I think that is one thing I will take home because I wouldn’t lie, I haven’t been doing that. Most times when they just say give me money, I just give them, learning to save then making sure that they become more accountable with their money.” – another mum said.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from these mums event highlights and we will love to hear what you have learned, and other opinions of yours in the comment section. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to share your comments, like and subscribe!!!

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