How to buy cheap FASHION in Nigeria

BattaBox heads to the second hand market in Nigeria to find out how to buy the best and cheapest fashions.

Thrift shops are everywhere in the world and we found an amazing place to visit at Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Nigeria is a hub for this kind of businesses where you can find all type of things from clothing, home appliances, lingeries and many more.

“I’ve been doing bend down select market for 12 years,” says one marketer. “I buy the closes from the ports and neighbouring countries, and then sell here.”

We found this amazing sites where we discovered all lot of sellers and buyers buying second hand materials and we decided it’s time to come do a story with the buyers and sellers at this region.

Some people are worried about health concerns with second hand clothes, so they avoid the second hand bras and panties.

“The cheapest clothes I’ve ever bought in the market is for N50,” says one woman shopping at the market. “And it’s nice o!”

BattaBox presenter did set out the Ikeja where we had a tour of how to bargain and buy in the bend down select market – with tops selling for as much as N1000.