How to cook Christmas Dinner for Nigerian Children

BattaBox presenter shows you how to cook a Nigerian Christmas dinner for the local children in his area of Lagos, including our most favourite Nigerian dish – jollof rice.

The season of love, Christmas is here again and how would you like to celebrate with another episode of Nigerian Food Arena, today we will be making Christmas lunch jollof rice to celebrate the end of the year with children in the hood with our presenter, Warripikin. 

Jollof rice is one of the most popular dishes in West Africa, with particular rivalry between jollof rice in Ghana and Nigeria. Obviously we prefer the Nigerian jollof rice ;-) and the ingredients include, parboiled rice, chicken, pepper and salt, chopped onions, tomatoes paste, garlic, ginger, and cubes of maggi. Mix everything together and cook gently. We then add plenty of chicken for the children. Meat is essential to any Nigerian traditional food.

Christmas is a special time of the year across the world, and in Nigeria we love it when people share the moment together, so BattaBox helped Warri Pikin get together with his neighbourhood children to celebrate the festive season.

What are you cooking for Christmas with your family? We hope it’s traditional Nigerian!

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