How to cook Nigerian Owoh Soup

How to cook Owoh soup in Niger Delta region – a speciality from the amazing Nigerian food.

Nigerian food, they say is a key to a man’s heart not underestimating how much it has saved our lives all through our existence. On this episode of food arena, BattaBox presenter, WarriPikin travelled to Delta state his home town to taste some food and today’s food is Owoh soup. Join us!!!

Owoh soup is a soup with its origin from the Niger delta area of Nigeria and it is been popularly eaten by the people of the Urhobo tribe who are favourite for this dish. Urhobo wadooh! Urhobo wadooh!! Urhobo wadooh!!! It is a Nigerian soup made from ingredients including starch and eaten with starch (funny, isn’t it) or preferably, you can eat it with.

It is quite funny with the means of cooking and simple at the same time as the ingredients to make this awesome dish are the regular ones being used to cook most of this dishes we eat with little additions/options to perfect it. So how to cook owoh soup – the following are the ingredients used in making owoh soup, Fish, Crayfish, Potash, Cayenne Pepper, Assorted meat, Smoked red prawns, Palm Oil Salt, Seasoning cubes, Starch/Garri (Cassava flakes) and a very few options…

What will you love to try Owoh soup, one of Nigerian food’s most colorful dishes with?

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