How to cook Rabbit Meat in Nigeria

Rabbit meat is a delicacy in Nigeria and BattaBox heads out to a rabbit farm in Lagos to find out how to cook rabbit meat in Nigeria.

One of the pioneers of rabbit farming in Nigeria is Leke. He keeps the females and males separate, and united only for mating to breed the rabbits. Rabbits are very clean animals and practice self-grooming.

“Some people say rabbit meat tastes like chicken or grasscutter, but for me, it tastes like rabbit,” explains Leke, the owner of the rabbit farm. “They are all sweet and delicious o!”

Nigeria food is one of the most diverse in the world, with a particular penchant for spicy food.

One way to cook rabbit is to light the BBQ fire, wash the rabbit, strip it of any fur, and then mixed with the ingredients. BattaBox heads to Allen Buka for the rabbit meat specially cooked in pepe sauce and jollof rice. A whole rabbit is N5000.

Would you taste and cook rabbit meat in Nigeria?

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