How to cook the best Nkwobi Cow Leg in Nigeria!

BattaBox shows you how to cook the best Nkwobi Cow Leg in Nigeria, sometimes known as Isi Ewu cow leg.

Firstly, you need the tastiest and original ingredients so we head to Idi Araba market in Surulere, Lagos. The secret ingredients include: cow leg, crayfish, tomato, pepper, green leaf, ugbu, utazi, magi, and onion.

Nkwobi is a traditional Igbo dish and eaten across Nigeria, in particular at street joints and mama-puts. Our BattaBox presenter, Warri Pikin shows you the best way to cook the dish with our in house special chef – “Nkwobi Special” – who you can reach on +234 906 8746630

Chop and wash the cow gleg, then boil the meat with some spice. Chop the peppers and other spices with the magi, then mix it all together with the boiling meat.

The finished dish is best served hot in traditional wooden bowls, and eaten with friends!


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