How to Cook with Nigerian Palm Oil

How to cook with Nigerian Palm oil shows you the best ways to get the tastiest results from cooking with palm oil in Nigeria.

Palm oil is one of the most popular and major cooking oil in Nigeria. In terms of usage of Palm Oil, this oil can be regarded as your go-to when situations like healing, fixing and many more and not just cooking arises. On this segment of BattaBox, we are cooking with “Rice” and “Plantain” with palm oil.

If you are watching this video at this moment, you should know you are on the right channel. This is a follow-up video to our last upload, “How to make Nigeria Palm Oil” and if you haven’t seen that video, click the link below:

The palm oil is one of the basic components of traditional dishes in Nigeria. In the east, palm oil is used to make a lot of dishes such as the egusi soup, oha soup and ofe-unsala (ofe salah). While the calabars have the edikikong soup, afang soup and many more. The northern part of Nigeria also boosts of tuwo masara, tuwo dawa, and mia coka soup. While in the west, they have gbegiri soup,efo riro and asaro (yam porridge) amongst others.

Our presenter and our guest cook head to the market to buy every ingredient needed to make concoction rice and plantain. In making this concoction rice, you will need to boil/fry the onion in water for a short period, add the rinsed uncooked rice. And when it is half done add your fried fish or stockfish, salt to taste and palm oil. Wait till the rice is fully done and get it off your stove or cooker.

Watch the video to see the new way to spice up your dodo cooking.

What do you prepare using palm oil? What do you use palm oil for? Share with us in the comment section.

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How to make Nigerian Palm Oil

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