Shocking tools used in Nigeria’s traditional Circumcision

Traditional circumcision is an extremely important and controversial practice in Nigeria. BattaBox investigates how and why it is still done.

Traditional circumcision in southeast Nigeria, among the Yoruba people must be done at sunrise. So, our BattaBox presenter, Odunayo Oti, arrives to the village early. And at the local circumcision centre where family and the traditional cutter circumcise the children.

The tools used by the “cutter” are still very traditional, and resemble ancient knives. The male baby is laid on the ground and the foreskin is cut. There are no painkillers and nothing to stop the bleeding, except water given from a snails shell. A cloth is tied to the penis and the procedure is finished. It costs N5000, or $15.

The baby boy’s mother explains she prefers the traditional circumcision method over the modern methods because it has been inherited from their forefathers. She is not worried about infection because she trusts the cutter to use the correct tools.

Would you use traditional methods to circumcise your child?

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