How To Eat Ewa Agoyin With Agege Bread

Ewa Agoyin is one of Nigeria’s most popular meals but do you know how to eat it properly?

Our presenter, Warri Pikin, will teach YOU how…

“So as e dey be now, I go start to dey chop am. The only thing wey you need this spoon for na to turn (the beans) make sure the thing dey circulate well!” Warri instructs.


Most people love to eat the beans with bread, Agege bread to be precise but as Warri explains…”You fit use garri…beans…yam…chop am.”

Have you eaten ewa agoyin and Agege bread before?

Is it as delicious as Warri Pikin says?

Thanks for watching!


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  1. Comment:if u eat am with gari na vomit,stool and death becos u go die wen u dey chop am.if u dey doubt me go try for urself becos”seeing is believing”

  2. Comment:heei!GOD help person.CHINYERE people dey testify to wetin u tok.NA TRUE!!.i don try am wit gari na die i wan die wen i dey eat de rubish

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