How to eat Nigerian Worms

Nigerian food has incredible variety and today we’re looking at how to eat Nigerian worms! And how you cook them so they’re real tasty.

Hey Guys, it’s that time again when we bring to you another amazing content. Some of our viewers ask that we travel to cover more amazing story, we listen and we have brought it to your screen. But you know travelling to cover this story costs a lot of money, kindly support us on Patreon via the link below so we can do more amazing stories from our travels. Thank you in advance as you do!!!

This is actually a must watch on Nigerian food as it highlights a lot on Edible worm, a crispy taste that everyone enjoys. We covered the story on where they are been found, how they are processed and cook.

We found that a lot of people admits that they have eaten insects at a point in their lives, considering most insect as consumable and some to be poisonous when consumed.

On this episode of Nigeria Food Arena, our presenter, Warri Pikin travels down to his hometown to uncover some amazing stories which part of it is the edible worm story and more to come in coming week???

If you were dished a plate of edible worm, will you consume it even after watching the video?

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