How to enjoy the village way of life in Nigeria

The village way of life in Nigeria is full of traditions and culture that is strange to those living in the city. BattaBox profiles village life in Nigeria.

BattaBox presenter Odunayo heads to Eredo village in Ogun State, Nigeria to explore the local village way of life and traditions.

Most of the houses are made from mud bricks, there are few social amenities and lack of infrastrucutre, such as dirt tracks. The most common form of transportation is okada. Water is sourced from the local river and used to wash, drink, and cook.

“I have been making Garri for many years,” says one mama, as she fries the traditional food; Garri is one of the main food sources in the region. “This is Egbado Garri from Egba land.”

But many of the villages youth abandon life in the village to head to the cities, to look for opportunities and work.

But the men that stay in the village, often farmers and manual labourers, will gather in the evening to drink palm wine and gist.

“Don’t drink it too much or it will chaa you!” warns one of the village youths as Odunayo drinks the fresh palm wine. “Everything is fresh in the village – the vegetables, the meat, the life, and the air.”

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