How to find the Best Nigerian Street Snacks

Nigerian snacks are some of the tastiest in the world, so BattaBox reveals how to find the best Nigerian Street snacks, or Small Chops as we love to call them!

Firstly, the best can be found on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria! So BattaBox Presenter Fluorin YP hits the streets of Lagos to find out where to find and how to cook the best Nigerian snacks.

“Nigerian snacks are so important in this life,” says Fluorin YP. “So today, I will be finding all the best Nigerian snacks and small chops, if you are a foodie and cannot fast for 20 seconds then you are in the spirit with me!”

The best Nigerian street snacks that BattaBox buys in our Lagos video include grilled chicken with tomato and hot pepper paste for N500; egg roll and meat pie for N100 from a street seller cart; groundnuts for N50; Popcorn and groundnuts for N100 best bought from a Lagos street hawker in a nylon bag; fried potato or yam for N10 each; fried plantain; and many more Nigerian snacks.

The variety comes from the different foods and crops we have in the country, that can be used for fresh and cheap ingredients. And prices of the small chops on streets of Lagos, although it’s gone up recently with inflation, average at about N100.

“Akara, Puff Puff, Moi Moi, Egg Roll, Buns, Fish Roll,” says one hungry Nigerian businessman. “They are my favorite and definitely the best Nigerian snacks.”

“Samosa, plantain, potato, Akara, fish and turkey,” says one Lagos trader. “They are my favorite Nigerian snacks.”

The main method of cooking any snack is with a charcoal grill on the roadside, or deep-fried in large burnt pan with plenty of palm oil. And Nigeria may be a hot country, but we like our food also served hot and fresh.

And all Nigerian street snacks are best washed down with Fura de Nunu for N100, which is a white liquid mixture of millet and milk, so it becomes fermented with a thick consistency.

So what are your favorite Nigerian snacks? Gist us in the comments below!

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