Every student wants to get the best grades at university but apparently, in Nigeria, you might need more than hard work to get a first class degree.

So BattaBox decided to ask Nigerian students how to get a first class degree and how far they would go to get a first class.

Here are some of their answers…

“Some people do anything to get first class…they can sleep around with lecturers,” one girl tells Yp.

“It’s only the ladies that I think can get a first class,” a male student tells Yp.

“There are those people that live triangular life – church, class and school. There are some people way dey follow lecturer sleep. some nah to sneak and enter exam hall. Some pay money,” a student tells Yp.

“Some people have sex with lecturers…some people use rituals,” a lady explains.

Did you get a first class?

How did you get a first class?

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  1. BattaBox – I liked you when you first started but now all you talk about is immorality/sex. You have lost your originality and creativity.