How to have an AMAZING Nigerian Party!

Nigerians love to party! And any excuse is good enough – we love to dress up, impress our guests, splash out on food, and be the centre of attention.

But what are the most important ingredients to have an amazing Nigerian party? BattaBox presenter YP Flourin headed out to the streets of Lagos to find out.

We’ve taken the best answers and put them in no particular order!

Firstly, Nigerian fashion is very, very important, with Agbadas, Geles, Aso Ebi’s, with all variety of colors. We get plenty, plenty style o!

But we always want better pass our neighbour. As one girl tells us: “I look at the other girls to see if their level pass my own.”

But, arguably more important than Nigerian fashion, is Nigerian food with plenty of pepper to spice up the party. We do not mess with our food, and at a party there is one food that rules them all – Jollof Rice!

“Jollof Rice! Sharp, sharp! Jollof Rice and meat!” says one guy to YP.

But we don’t just want to eat jollof rice, an amazing Nigerian party needs small chops, pounded yam, egusi soup, and cooked chicken.

“Food! If the rice is not sweet then I just wasted my time,” agrees one young girl.

There are all variety of types of parties in Nigeria – weddings, birthdays, cultural celebrations, even funerals often turn into parties. And other essential ingredients include:

“The Nigerian Music. The Nigerian beat!”

“The setting, I don’t care about the food, it needs to be very nice, like a fairy tale.”

“The people!”

But look out for who you invite, or who crashes your party, as one girl warns: “No ugly guys. Let me be serious. You can’t take selfies with ugly guys.”

And, as for who holds the best parties in Nigeria? Most people we asked seemed to be in agreement. The Yoruba hold the best parties.

“At Yoruba parties, you have a surplus of everything – money, aso ebi, food, and more!” says the last guy.

What do you think are the most essential ingredients to have an amazing Nigerian party? Gist us in the comments.


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