How to butcher a whole Cow in 30 minutes

Cows are big animals, essential for so many food dishes, but how do they end up on your plate? BattaBox heads to a Nigerian butcher’s to find out how to kill and carve up a large cow in just thirty minutes.

First you bring the cow down to the ground with rope around its neck, and then two butchers with a knife and axe each, cut the neck. An alfa must be on hand to pray to the animal is killed cleanly. And then the butchers get to work. All the blood is washed away with a water hose. Then the skin is removed, the cow’s head is cut off, and then all the organs and meat are cut separately.

In the slaughterhouse, based in Lagos, Nigeria – they kill up to 200 cows a week. Big cows can fetch up to N350,000. The meat is then sent to the market for the variety of Nigerian dishes such as polnmo or pepper soup.

How do you feel about eating cows after watching this episode? Gist us in the comments!

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