Although many African tribes play talking drums, the Yoruba talking drum (gangan) is unique to Yoruba people.

Talking drums aren’t just used as musical instruments for people to sing along and dance to. Gangans are an integral part of Yoruba cultural and social life and the beat that is played is used to convey deep messages to the people listening.

BattaBox sat down with a talking drum maker to learn how to make a talking drum.

“I come from the Ayan (drummer) family, drumming is tradition in our family,” the drum maker explains to Fluorin YP in Yoruba.

“Whenever someone in our family gives birth there’s a particular kind of drum called konogo, now popularly known as omele that’s made and kept for the child to play with,” he adds.

He then takes YP through, step by step, how to make a Yoruba talking drum!

Watch the video to learn how!

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