How to Make Asun (Spicy Roasted Goat)

In today’s episode, we will love to show you how to make “Asun” which is a typical name for a spicy roasted goat.

Asun is a typical street food eating by majorly all regions of the country, Nigeria. Asun can be eaten anytime for sure but, mostly eaten as a delicacy made for the nightlife.

In this video, our presenter and guest on this show will show you how asun is made and the total recipe. Asun is made from roasted goat meat and after chopping to a small piece. It then becomes spiced and cooked.

The Asun recipe includes roasted goat meat, salt, fresh pepper, grounded pepper, seasoning cube, onion and any other thing you will like to spice it with.

Enjoy and let us know if you will make this on your own.