How to make Ghana’s CRAZY COFFINS!!

BattaBox is in Ghana to find out how Ghana’s unique and amazing coffins are made! Nowhere else in the world has coffins like Ghana – airplanes, cars, shoes, bibles, and more – all made to fit.

We have taken off to Ghana for an amazing episode of our adventure to see what the culture, food, lifestyle in Ghana is about. And on this wonderful episode, we are taking you on a journey of how Ghana coffins are being made especially in the part of great Accra.

Bollylomo is leading this journey to see how the people of Ghana make their coffins in a so creative way, and he took us to see a coffin maker, Samuel, who helped us with a breakdown on how the coffins are put to life, the inspiration behind making a certain type and the business generally.

Bollylomo had a test of one of the coffins and he explains it’s quite an experience and scary. And the coffin maker told us how he makes them considering different professions of the person to be buried in it. Surprisingly, we did find a Palm kernel, Mercedes, Airplane Bible, Camera, Football, even a bird type of coffins and many more.

The process of making this coffins and the kind of work they put into making it, from brainstorming the concept, designs, cutting and doing the finishing touches are pretty amazing.

The sight was beautiful but scary, we had a nice time shooting this story and thanks to the team. Watch out for another episode on Ghana food.

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