How to make Homemade Granola in Nigeria

BattaBox shows you how to make homemade Granola in Nigeria with Ejirigho Jakpa.

“”I tried selling it, sold one jar, two jars, and realised people were enjoying and buying it,”” explains Ejirigho Jakpa, the owner of the Granola business. “”The LSETF loan has given my dream fruition and the possibilities are now endless.””

The business bakes at least 10 bags a day.

The Lagos State in Nigeria is setting up a new fund to to tackle unemployment in Africa’s biggest Mega-City.

The aim of LSETF is not just to grant loans to potential businesses, but to build capacity and ensure they are running sustainable businesses that obey the law. The Lagos state government believes, when a business meets these requirements, they give themselves the best opportunity to grow sustainably. 

“”The most important thing is about impact. We want to ensure that businesses have the right tools to succeed and grow, and therefore employ people,”” explains Akin Oyebode, the Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund.

You can find out how to get loans to fund your made in Nigeria products and other business by the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund. Visit their website or office to learn about the requirement to bring your MADE IN NIGERIA business/idea to reality.

You can also be part of the initiative by going to any of your local Lagos councils, or head to


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