How to make Nigerian Cheese!!

How to make Nigerian cheese – called Wara – which is similar to soft cheese or Tofu, but cooked in the rural country of Nigeria.

BattaBox heads out of Lagos, via car on the back of an okada, to a rural Fulani farm where the local Nigerian cheese is prepared.

The Fulani pastoralist and his family milk the cows and then take the fresh milk to the hut. Men milk the cow and women take it home for production. And if the pasture is green, the cow will produce more milk.

Inside the hut, the milk is then produced in plastic buckets, crushed bom-bom leaves are then rinsed in the milk to give it a flavour. The milk and bom-bom leaf is then boiled, maybe adding a small amount of salt. After 10 minutes, the milk has curdled into Nigerian cheese, drained, and eaten.

“It tastes nice, it doesn’t really taste of anything, but it’s fresh,” says Odunayo as she eats some of the newly cooked Nigerian cheese.

Nigerian soft cheese – or Wara – can be served straight and eaten by itself, or have fried and eat with Amala. It’s very nutritious and should ideally be eaten as soon as possible after it’s cooked. The soft cheese is similar to Tofu, and called Wara because of the town in Kwara state where it originates from.

Would you like to try and cook Nigerian cheese – Wara! – and eat at home? Gist us in the comments below.


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