How to make Nigerian Akamu, Pap, or Ogi

How to make Nigerian food Akamu, Pap, or Ogi – a special dish for pregnant women and children to keep them healthy.

Today on BattaBox’s Food Arena with presenter Warri Pikin we’re not looking at food, but a drink – the famous Pap, Ogi (in Yoruba), or Akamu (in Igbo)

Firstly, you wash, mix and then grind the corn to remove the chaff in buckets and water. This will ensure the pap comes out clean, and the chaff is often given to goats as food. Once the pap, ogi, or akamu is processed, you mix a little water and then serve with Nigerian classic food dishes such as plantain, puff puff or fried yam. The only ingredients you will need are Wet Corn Starch, Water, evaporated milk , and some sugar if you have a sweet tooth.

This is Nigerian food that many children in Nigeria will be fed by mothers, even if they don’t enjoy the taste, to help them stay healthy. Akamu is said to help pregnant women with putting milk in their breasts and also assist the unborn babies health.

Did your mother feed you (and beat you until you drank it!) this special Nigerian food? It’s sour, so maybe add a little sugar to sweeten the taste!


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