How to Make Northern Nigerian Food “Doya”

On Food Arena today, we had a visit to the Hausa community like we did the last time we brought to your screens “Koyi”. Doya is another food eaten for the culture and this Hausa community around us is becoming more friendly and welcoming as we expected.

The Hausa community as you will see in this video is a very friendly community during our visit and is always like that.

Our presenter, WarriPikin meets with the same food seller who he featured in the previous Koyi video:

Thanks to him for helping us make the filming of this episode possible. Doya is the main food for today’s video. Doya is a Northern Nigeria food made mostly by the Hausa and Fulani people of Nigeria.

How is Doya made? Doya is a food fondly made and eaten in the northern community and it is made from yam and egg. But the combination is not the usual style everyone knows, which makes it so special. Are you still wondering how this interesting food is made? Watch this video until the end.