How to Make the Best Doughnut

Our presenters take you through every step on how to make the best street snack, Doughnut. Doughnut in Nigeria might not be classified as the typical home food that anyone just makes at any point in time.

A doughnut is most times made by street sellers in this region, mostly for consumers or there is that occasion where the food menu is light and the event organizer or plans to make doughnut for the attendees.

If you are wondering if this is a tutorial video, yes it is!

A doughnut is made with a lot of things which include flour, yeast, salt, sugar, groundnut oil for frying and nutmeg. Some people might try to decide to spice the doughnut up with jam and other sauce, depending on personal preference.

How is a doughnut made, you may be asking. The process of making a doughnut is not so tedious but if you will love to know, I implore you to WATCH THIS VIDEO TILL THE END.