How to make the best Pounded Yam in Nigeria!

How to make the best pounded yam in Nigeria – BattaBox takes to the street kitchen to show you the best recipe for one of the tastiest Nigerian food dishes.

We are back like we never took a vacation! lol!!! We are back on your screen with another episode of Food Arena with WarriPikin. This one is something that involves pounding as you can guess; it is pounded yam ooo, yes, you guessed right!:-)

We took a journey to the surulere part of Lagos to get this one done ooo. We discovered this seller who makes pounded yam and different types of Nigeria soup for a living.

Surprisingly, we met with this young man at the place where the food is made and he was so glad to help us with this story. Really, it is so amazing how young men like this give a huge support to their parent, you will reap the fruit of your labor. This young man was pretty supportive of his mum who did literarily every form of hard-work in that place.

Indeed, Africa is gifted with strong and energetic men! LOL! The young man, Gbenga showed us how to peel the yam and you must know that with that even with the peeled part isn’t a waste. Warri pikin also mentioned that the yam peel is also used to make another Yoruba food, mainly prepared by the Oyo state people of Nigeria and can also serve as feed for ram.

Another fun thing is, there is specific type of yam that actually suits the making of pounded yam considering the matter of smoothness. The young man, Gbenga said the yam from the northern part of Nigeria is the best but we also discovered that the yam from Ondo and Ekiti state is also good for this purpose.

We also got lucky to experience the cooking of another Nigeria soup. Yes, we are talking about the melon soup. The woman who was cooking did take us through how melon soup is cooked and we got to see customers patronising her and saying a lot of good things abiut her food. Food has a way to bring together a community of people.

What do you think of this episode of Food Arena? Will you prepare some pounded yam and melon soup?


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