How to make the perfect Nigerian Chapman drink

How to make the perfect Nigerian Chapman – Nigeria’s most loved and popular drink – served at all respectable bars and parties across the country. 

Our BattaBox London presenter Zoe asked Gary and Mike Robinson – two British entrepreneurs who were brought up in Nigeria, and have since created the bottled Ikoyi Chapman drink – how to make the perfect Nigerian Chapman drink.

The Chapman drink is the most popular cocktail in Nigeria and it is enjoyed at different events and places like bars, restaurants, weddings, naming ceremonies and many more. Chapman is an amazing drink that is made from a couple of ingredients and mixes into a nice smooth and sweet blend.

A classic Nigerian Chapman is a drink that contains no alcohol, despite often being confused for an alcoholic drink – it’s a mocktail! So if you don’t want to drink a cocktail but still look respectable – this is the drink for you.

The ingredients are simple, traditionally mixed from a lot of Fanta, a top up of Sprite, a slice of Cucumber, and a splash of lemon, grenadine, and traditional aromatic bitters. Don’t forget the ice cubes!

The result is a fruity, sugar-rush, refreshing combo for any hot day. We hope you find this Chapman video interesting to watch and know know how to make the perfect Nigerian Chapman drink. Thanks for watching, kindly share, give us a thumbs-up and subscribe to our channel..

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