How to make Traditional Nigerian Hairstyles

How to make traditional Nigerian hairstyles. When the topic “Natural Hair” pops us, what comes to your mind? Also when the topic “Traditional Hair” pops us, what again comes to your mind?

These subjects of comparison are quite similar and also, are different from the ways they are being nurtured, styled and many more factors to consider. In today’s video, BattaBox Presenter, Odunayo Oti step out in search of a traditional hair stylist where she is going to try out street traditional hairstyling herself.

Going old school isn’t a common thing in the 21st century amongst youth but we still find it a thing that was so trendy back in the days. This practice can be dated far back to that 90s if not later amongst our parents back then and it is seen as a thing of pride & beauty.

This way of hairstyling has lived and we do not think it can be abolished totally especially in the rural setting just like the first woman who spoke first in the video said. She narrated that they find it a beautiful thing to do and sometimes when they put wigs on, their husbands complain that the hairdo pieces can fall into the food that is been cooked, so going traditional is an option to go for as it minimises the rate of that happening.

Surprisingly, it is still a common practice among public government school where the students are been told to plait different traditional hairstyles weekly. At the end of the week at the morning assembly, a teacher or student who is designated to announce the hairstyle for next week does and if you do something else or refuse to make your hair, you will be disciplined. These hairstyles as mentioned before comes in different hilarious names you can’t imagine such as “kolapa”, “kolese”, “all back”, “weaving”, “suku”, “ajanloso” and many more. Other names also have significance and represent occasion, historical events, and aesthetics.

A lot of fascinating thing about traditional hairstyle is featured in this video and we advise that you watch the video all through. Enjoy as you watch!