How to make traditional Zobo Drink in Nigeria

The traditional zobo drink is a drink made from processed hibiscus flower. Its preparation is quite a lot of process but the zobo drink is so easy to make if you have all the ingredients ready. On this episode, our presenter heads out to meet with a woman known as Mama Bright, who makes this awesome zobo juice.

To make the best and traditional Zobo drink in Nigeria, first put the water on to boil, blend ginger, add the spices, such as konofouru and uziza leaf, to the boiled water. The zobo leaves must then be washed and pressed, and also added to the boiling water. Leave to boil for 30 minutes. And don’t forget you can reuse Zobo leaves three times. Other people include ingredients such as zobo leaves, orange and lemon, Konafuru, dried chili flakes, cinnamon, and honey.

At the mention of Zobo drink, if you do not find it appealing or recognizable, it totally means the following:

  • You are not a Nigerian. lol
  • You did not rock the parties when you were younger.
  • Or you do not like enjoyment at all. lol

Zobo drink is a favourite by almost everyone who have had a taste of it. The name Zobo originates from the Hausa language of Nigeria for the edible “Hibiscus flower” plant with the botanical name, Hibiscus Sabdariffa. The Zobo connotes what the drink made from this flower is called.

Do you know how to make Zobo drink in Nigeria? What ingredients do you use?


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