How to protect your unborn baby with Nigerian traditions

Every culture in the world has its own belief system and the situation surrounding them all. That is why we have brought to you, the Nigerian beliefs and practices when it comes to dealing with pregnancy in women.

Growing up, we get to hear a lot of things concerning what a pregnant woman should do, wear, eat, drink, go and when to, but sometimes they sound so confusing, interesting to hear but some other times, it feels so weird.

The interesting thing is, women are such amazing people that they do anything and go to any length to protect their loved ones, most especially their baby (we are not disregarding the men in anyway :-)). Interestingly, they do all these things sometimes not knowing the meaning but anything to take care of and protect their offspring.

On this episode of BattaBox Native, we seek to investigate these beliefs and what they truly mean. We touched on the beliefs, what they are said to drink and what not and other information we find interesting for your viewing experience.

A special thanks to everyone who aided us with the information in this documentary. WHAT ARE THE BELIEFS YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT PREGNANCY IN YOUR REGIONS???

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