How to survive on Nigeria’s Minimum Wage of $50 a month

The Nigerian minimum wage is 18,000 Naira a month – or $50 – how can Nigerians survive on such a small amount. BattaBox hits the streets of Lagos to find out.

The minimum wage in Nigeria is ranked 88 out of 197 globally, putting Nigeria in the top 45%. No worker can be paid less than this $50 a month, but some states have not yet raised the wages for all employees. It is a controversial law with many politicians jockeying to promise minimum wage increases.

So, how do Nigerian survive on Nigeria’s minimum wage? BattaBox presenter YP Fluorin asks Nigerians on the streets of Lagos.

“I will thief money like these government people and keep it for my children,” said one man.

“If I am being paid a minimum wage by a business or government, then anything in the office such as diesel or any small job they send me – I will try to manage them – and have a tip,” said a Nigerian trader.

“It’s not feasible to manage ourselves on N18,000 a month, unless you want to be deceiving ourselves,” says a Lagos woman. “You practically spend that in two days on food, transport, and rent.”

Gist us in the comments below – how do you survive on Nigeria’s minimum wage of $50 a month?

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