How to take care of your feet

Do you know how to take care of your feet? What do your shoes say about you? BattaBox finds the importance of your feet, how to look after them, and why you should be confident about your feet!

How was your experience when you step your feet into a footwear? We attended the Confident feet seminar and got to learn the essence of treating your feet like gold. Want to learn more, Join us!!!

Feet are made up of three parts – your fore foot, mid foot, and your heel. Do you know how to take care of your feet? And do you know it impacts the whole of your body.

The Confident Feet Exhibition is a non-profit initiative which was started by Pedisbox. It is an experience that showcased explanatorily how your feet should be treated via Seminar, Yoga sessions, Jump rope exercise sessions and a lecture on spiral health on how it can affect the feet by a chiropractor.

Trust us now, we had an interview session with attendees who came into the exhibition from all works of life. We appreciate everyone who came out and thanks to you for having a session with us. And it was definitely a fun-filled experience.

How do you take care of your feet? Join the conversation in the comment section.

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