How to use Social Media for BUSINESS


How to use Social Media for business in Nigeria – lessons and advice from #SMWLagos2018.

Joining in means we have to send a team, so we decided to send a team of three “Folly Pandy, Peter and Taofeeq” on this day to bring us this exciting episode.

It’s LagosCity! The event, Social Media Week 2018 edition, stormed Lagos with a lot of speakers and numerous attendees. A huge number of people have given their testimonies on how social media have been of help to their business and personal lives. We are so excited at the prospect this will bring, so we decided to join in.

“Since I started using social media, I have not needed to spend any money on advertising,” says one Nigerian woman.

We met with a whole lot of people and we got to ask attendees, sellers, business owners and buyers about the impact of Social Media on their business.