How Women’s Wigs Are Made In Nigeria

In today’s story, we are profiling a young man who interestingly styles fix and make human hair, weaves and wigs. How women’s wigs are made in Nigeria.

Meet Mr Tony who works in a salon in the heart of one of the busiest market in Lagos. Tony is a really hilarious man from the way he attracts customers to his salon, to the way he interacts with his customers. Tony is a hardworking man who makes a substantial living with the business of hair styling, fixing, weaving, making of wigs and many more. He is a dreamer among many others, who intends to have his own store so as to aid him with better finance, limit bill payment and other challenges he is going through in his hair business.

The different wig styles made in Nigeria are good enough to match brazilian, synthetic, human hair, Jamaican, and many others.

Contrary to the saying “Lazy Nigerian Youths”, you will find in this video that Nigerian youths are pretty hard workers. Nowadays, you will find the common Nigerian men doing jobs that are most common to women and vice versa such as hairstyling, barbing, pilot, mechanics, drivers, truck drivers, barbing, carpentry, painting, bricklaying, labourers and many more.


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