If You Were A Billionaire Would You Let Your Child Get A Job?


If you were a billionaire, would you still make your child learn a trade/work?

BattaBox decided to ask Nigerians what they would do…

“As a billionaire…would you allow your child to learn handwork,” Warri Pikin asks.

“Sure!” a young lady instantly answers.

“I no fit allow…as money don dey, wetin he dey find for handwork again?” a young man laughs. “He go work for my own company,” he adds.

“Na when you no know wetin you dey do na when the handwork no go pay you but if you follow up with the handwork it go pay you pass graduates sef!” another man answers.

What would you do?

Would you allow your child to learn a trade/work in general if you had BILLIONS of naira in the bank???

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