Is education the key to success?

Is education the best criteria for success in life? BattaBox presenter Odunayo finds out on the streets of Lagos.

Formal education – from nursery to higher education – is considered a human right and necessity for a country and its people to succeed. A popular quote is that education is the best legacy. Malcolm X once said: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

However, what is success?

“We are in a global world now – and without education you are nothing,” says one Lagos businessman. “Whatever you want to achieve – without education, you cannot achieve anything.”

“I don’t think so, because not everyone who is successful in life has been educated,” explains one young Nigerian man. “We have some people who are illiterate and they are doing very well.”

“You’ve got to learn at least the basic things like reading and writing and that will entail where you are going,” says one Nigerian woman. “Just because someone is uneducated and successful, does not mean that education is not important.”

Do you think education is the key to success? Gist us in the comments below.

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