Is Nigeria Independence Day worthy of celebration?

Nigeria celebrates her 58 years after independence some days back, and we find it thoughtful to look back at her position then and what it is now. What can we derive from its progress so far? where exactly do we stand now? Should we say that the forward movement of Nigeria is in the hands of the people governing or the citizens? A lot of questions pop to mind, share your view with us in the comment section, we will be glad to here from you.

In this video is a result of our research on becoming Nigeria, the struggles and how we gained independence. Nigeria clock 58 years after independence on the 1st of October, 2018 and to celebrate and deliberate on progressive matters moving forward, we decided to feature some citizens who put forth the history of how things were and can be.

History can never be thrown aside as it is a foundation we can trace back to. Nigeria is a country rich in history, resources that can maintain her wellbeing for years to come but we have not been able to manage and maintain resources and standards. Among the people who featured in this story, we derived a lot of facts and history to hold and most of the information they spat are concrete.

From what has been said, should we say the country, Nigeria has derailed from its path or become better than it is? It is an obvious fact that there are a lot of things that should be put to place to save her future generation.

How do you think Nigeria can be reformed? Kindly share your comment in the comment section.

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