Lagos Fashion: Fine Guy Fashion Tips


Lagos fashion: Swagger pass Swagger! Looking good is no accident in Nigeria and first impressions matter- how you dress can be the difference between getting that job or that girl, so BattaBox headed out to get some tips & tricks on how to add swagger to your style.

Kelvin claims to be our most expensively dressed guy – “Fashion to me is dressing very well!”

– $20,000 Carrot Trousers
– $10,000 Prado Watch
– and beads and shirt

Clema designs his own clothing line and embroiders with his logo POSF : “PROPERTY OF SWAG FAMILY” – we prostrate oooo!!

“I kept a round afro before but, you know, the whole world is changing, so it was becoming outdated so I made it into a punk,” says Clema.

Pinkie only goes out with her Chanel Bag – “I try to do my own fashion at home.”

Her fashion icon is “Louis View-TON”

Gabriel says he tries to differentiate himself from other guys by wearing his “sexy skinnies that blink at night” – watch out ladies!!

However, we’re not sure if the videos are an excuse for our camera-guys to chat up some ladies… as they describe Cynthia as wearing “Figure-hugging leggings to bring out the sexiness.”

Okole is wearing a under-stated Pencil-shirt, Pumps, beads for a “Corporate look that can be worn at a bank on Fridays” with a haircut to resemble Rihanna’s “Shut-up and Drive”