LOL! What is the Best Nigerian Insult?

Nigeria has some of the most colourful languages in the world – and we put them to good use, especially when we need to insult our enemies!

But, with so many to choose from, BattaBo wanted to find out – what is the best Nigerian insult?

Ladies and gentleman on the streets of Lagos gave us their best insults for when they need to know the best way to retaliate when you are pushed to the wall and you need to have some verbal abuse ready to go.

“Did they cook fried rice in your head?”

“You dey mad??”

“Firstly, an insult is not good, I feel bad when I’m insulted,” says one young Nigerian man. “Any insult that attacks my mother makes me feel very bad.”

“I just say God Bless You when someone insults me because I just leave it to god!” says a young Nigerian woman.

The definition of insult is to speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse or a disrespectful or scornfully abusive remark or act.

“It no get better for your papa, because you can swear at the person’s father!”

“Banana dey your head! You dey craze! If you want to know me, follow me, and I go break your head.”

Gist us – what are your favourite Nigerian insults?

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