How To Make The Best Nigerian Fufu

Nigerian Fufu is one of the most important dishes in Nigeria’s delicious cuisine. And BattaBox Presenter Warri Pikin goes deep into Lagos to find the best Nigerian Fufu.

“We get many Swallow in Nigeria, we get Eba, Amala, Semo, and Wheat,” explains Warri Pikin. “But today, we’re looking into Calabar Fufu – very strong Fufu!”

Starches are often called “Swallow” in Nigeria because they are used to accompany soups and other spicy food dishes to help swallow it down. Typical soups are groundnut soup, vegetable, egusi soup, or palm nut soup.

BattaBox visits a Fufu processing factory in Lagos, with piles of cassava, buckets of water, and plantain flour. The process of making the best Nigerian fufu follows some simple steps:

Firstly, peel and soak the cassava tubers in water for at least 3 days. The cassava is then put into a grinding machine and a cassava yeast powder, which is covered in a bucket and left for 30 minutes to rise. The cassava yeast powder is then washed and mixed, and drained. The cassava is then mixed again with water into a white liquid state. After, a wood fire is made, the liquid fufu put into a large metal dish, and cooked, turned, and pounded for 45minutes-1hour. It will then look like the best Nigerian fufu that we all love and know – and packaged for sale and eating!

“The best fufu gives you energry, other fodos do not give energy like fufu,” explains Emmanuel, who has been processing Fufu for 5 years. “That’s why people call fufu – 6 to 6 – because the energy sustains you for 12 hours.”

The peelings and the chaff from the cassava is also used to feed animals.

The fufu is then wrapped is cellophane and sold for 50, 100, or 200 Naira, depending on the size. And the fufu can stay for 2 weeks without getting old.

And then finally, the food is served! And Warri shows us how you roll the best Nigerian fufu with your hands, dip it into the soup – and, you don’t chew, you swallow!

“You just swallow am, you just clear your throat well well!”” explains Warri. “And now my belly don full!”

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