The most dangerous way to travel in Nigeria… Okada! (Nollywood in Real-life!)

(Real-life Nollywood) BattaBox puts you in the driver’s seat on an Okada hurrying through the bustling streets of Lagos… this is the special effects of Nigerian movies in Real-life!

Car horns, sudden brakes, Danfo drivers hustling and roadside markets spilling into the road are just some of the hazards for the daily drive of a Lagos Okada driver.

Okada’s are notoriously dangerous on the city roads across Nigeria – particularly in Lagos. Often with very little driving experience and tired from working so hard, they dodge unexpectedly in and out of traffic ignoring the rules of the road.

(Real-life Nollywood) The Okada drivers often bend in their mirrors and handle bars to ensure their bike is slimmer so it can fit through traffic more easily.

Governor Fashola introduced a new law to enforce safety helmets for Okada drivers and their passengers but since its introduction less and less people wear them. There are daily Okada accidents – often fatal – taken to the hospitals of Lagos.

Our video takes you through Obalende market on Lagos Island, and despite the danger, Okadas are faster than any other vehicle in the Lagos ‘Go-Slow’!

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