How much Money to leave the Love Of Your Life?

If you entered your house, and your partner’s father waited for you to offer you money to leave his daughter or son, would you do it? And, if do, for how much money?

BattaBox Presenter, Warri Piki, hit the streets of Lagos, Nigeria to ask people if they would indeed exchange the girlfriend or boyfriend for money!

“Yes, I would leave my girlfriend sharp, sharp!” laughs one young Nigerian. “We’re talking about my babe, not wife. But the father would have to drop five million naira.”

“I would not do it, if we’re talking about love, there’s no amount they can give me,” says one young Nigerian woman. “Love is bigger than money.”

BattaBox got some very interesting answers to our question as Nigerians contemplated what they could do with the money if they decided to accept the father’s proposal, or wondering if they took the money, maybe they would never find love again.

“It’s a test of love, because if you took the money, you would not love her in the first place.”

Would you leave the love of your life for money? Gist us in the comments!


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