Crazy Stories of How to Cheat Exams in Nigeria!

BattaBox presenters sit down to tell their stories of taking exams in Nigeria – and the funniest, craziest, and most innovative stories of cheating they’ve seen.

A few of the most outrageous ways we’ve seen and heard of cheating on exams in Nigeria include:

1. writing the answers on your body

2. hiding the answers in your sandals

3. hiding mobile phones in wigs and weaves

4. asking your friends to whisper the answers from outside the exam hall window

5. using impersonators to pretend they are you

6. And, of course, some old-fashion copying over your friends shoulder.

7. being forced to pay bribes to teachers to pass the exam

“One guy came in with a band on his hand, but when he came in to take his exam, and we were sitting writing, I noticed his arm band had gone,” says Olukayode. “And then I saw the arm band on the desk, and as I looked closely, I saw formulas under the band!”

But, if you are caught cheating on your exams in Nigeria – it can have serious consequences. Students can be punished, expelled from school, fined 50,000 Naira or even face up to 5 years in prison.

Nigerian government authorities say they have also put in new anti-cheating measures to try and prevent students malpractice and teachers committing unprofessional conduct.

There are plenty of ways to cheat in exams in Nigeria, including a variety of websites claiming to have the answers to Nigeria’s exams.

“This woman was wearing a hijab, and covered in head to toe when we were taking exams in Nigeria. And after we started she pretended she had a leg problem. But when we got into the Nigerian exam hall, we realised the phone was under her legs and her SIM card was inside her hair. So when she go inside the hall, she switched on her phone and started browsing all the answers!”

Nigeria’s National Examinations Council, or NECO, is the examination body in charge of the country’s Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations. The exams include Junior Secondary Certificate Examination (JSCE) and National Common Entrance Examination.

The main exams in Nigeria are: JAMB (for entry into University), WAEC, NABTEB, NECO,

And it appears everybody has seen people cheating on exams at school in Nigeria – everyone different – as people will go to any lengths to get the result they want.

“When I was in school, one lady had a child and she had already written answers on the child’s body. The supervisor asked to look after the child, the woman refused, but when they finally collected they saw everything!”

What are the craziest stories you’ve ever seen when you’ve been writing exams in Nigeria? Gist us in the comments.

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