Nigeria: how to travel Lagos to Abuja in style!

BattaBox heads down to the Lagos motor-park to find out how to travel in style from Lagos to Abuja – a plenty long journey on often dangerous roads (because of armed robbers and other crazy drivers!)

“This place is like I’m in an airplane,” laughs Olukayode as he walks down the long aisle of the large bus that runs the main commercial route from the two major cities in Nigeria.

If you are not travelling by plane – which can cost up to N23,000 or $150 for some of the cheapest airlines… then there are three main options – all by road.

The most expensive option is a people carrier for N6000 or $40 – it is what Olukayode calls ‘First Class’.

“It looks like a plane and is much better for the price,” says one man as he waits to leave to Abuja.

In all the options – you buy your ticket for one seat and then wait for more people to come and buy the other seats – once all seats are bought and paid for – the driver leaves!

The next option – or “Business Class” is the air-conditioned danfo for N3500 or $20.

“For the distance, the price is worth it – and now they take three on a seat and have AC so you can enjoy your ride,” says one passenger.

But the biggest bus, or “Economy Class”, can take 59 passengers and two crew, has a built in television… but it costs N5000.

“We want to make it affordable for the less privileged,” says the owner.

So, which class will you take?

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