“There is no money in this country!”- warns Nigeria businesswoman

Despite all forecasts of growth and investment in Nigeria and Africa – for many people on the streets – life is only getting more expensive and harder. BattaBox heads down to Oshodi market to ask one woman about her experience of business in Lagos.

“The problem we are facing now is that there is no money in this country!” warns Mrs Wahab, who sells cloth and textiles in one of the biggest markets in Lagos.

“I’m not myself! Before, if you want to use N1million or N5million – you can see it. But now, to see common N10,000 or N20,000 is not easy.”

Mrs Wahab is just one example of a general slowdown and difficulty for many market people and traders across Nigeria.

She now sleeps through much of the day as she waits for her customers. Although she claims not to know the exact cause for the drop in business, many people we spoke to say the crackdown on Okadas has meant transport for customers is now more expensive and with longer journeys because of traffic. This is a problem compounded by the high price of petrol. And also, the local taskforce make life much more difficult for shops and customers alike as they often arbitrarily arrest people.

“This country is very hard,” says Mrs Wahab.

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