How Much Will Nigerian Women Spend On Their HairStyle For Christmas?

It’s Christmas time and as family and friends celebrate together, many ladies want to look their best – so how much will they be spending on their festive hairstyles?

“Why must my wife cut her hair this christmas? No, my wife is not cutting her hair for christmas!” laughs one Nigerian businessman.

“Why would I cut my hair for the Christmas period? My hair is at least fifty percent of my beauty, so N50,000 will not even cover what I want to spend on my hairstyle this christmas season,” says one young lagos lady indignantly.

“I’m planning to go to the hairdresser this christmas, but you just need to give me One Million Naira, or more!” says another lady coyly. “What is fifty thousand Naira to cut my hair?!”

Nigerian hairstyles include Weave, Brazilian, Zizi, Shoku, Curly, Senegalese braids, bob for short hair, or wigs. But, Nigerian hair styles are not cheap, with many women spending considerable sums of money, with wigs and weaves costing into the hundreds of thousands of naira. (hundreds of dollars!)

“I can’t cut my hair, it’s my beauty, it’s what my boyfriend loves about me, so I can’t cut my hair this christmas,” says one woman.

How much will you be spending on your hairstyle this Christmas? Gist us in the comments!

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