Nigerian Food or Oyinbo Food ??

Do you prefer Nigerian food or Oyinbo food? We find out!

Warripikin was so hyped up for the fact that we are taking Food Arena to #SMWLagos2018 and he was willing to make some food connections with the people at Social Media Week

#SMWLagos2018. And this video is an evidence of his excitement and really, we got some interesting facts and funnies about Nigeria foods from the amazing people who visited the conference.

Businesses have thrived tremendously well over the years all thanks to the internet, which has helped this generation bridge connection with business owners & customers and will continue to be a progressive process, thanks to Social Media.

The organisers of Social Media Week Lagos were really impressive as they brought in the finest of speakers and moderators to make sure every visitor had a wonderful teaching and learning experience. And you know as usual na, we had to be present to dish out to you, some amazing content with Warripikin this time and we already have more presenters on the lineup so, WATCH OUT FOR MORE VIDEOS from our escapade.

Warripikin took to the audience at the event and asked some interesting questions about Nigerian Food and we got their opinion on that. He went further to do some explanation and also to know if they like Nigerian food and what their favourite Nigerian food is. And some said dodo (Fried Plantain), porridge, bread and akara (Local Burger) ;~), also soup like Egusi, pepper stew was mentioned. But the most mentioned as a favourite is the Iyan (Pounded yam).

He also asked a lady about her opinion about the food she has tasted some Nigerian foods but her favourite is the tomato stew. The most amazing part was that she gave Nigerian Food a 9.5/10 rating. Isn’t that amazing!!!???


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