Nigerian Girls Teach How To Move From Side Chick To Main Chick

Relationships today are not what it used to be. People find it hard to commit to one person and even though Nigerians have concluded that ‘Even your boo has a boo”, no girl likes to be the other girl or a side chick.

“Being a side chick is not easy o,” one lady laments

Today on BattaBox, our presenter Adeola hits the streets of Lagos to ask young ladies -What would you do if you were a Side Chick? And  how do you move from being a Side Chick to a Main Chick?

“I’ll beat up the girl and poison her,” says one young lady

Young ladies are now aware of how promiscuous a man can be therefore they would do anything to keep their man.

But one lady had a whole list of things to do to…

“Go to his house, cook for him, do dishes, don’t ask for money etc,” she replied

Watch and enjoy!

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