Nigerian Scammers Secrets Revealed

The video you are about to watch is an expository one that reveals all secrets on how Nigerian Scammers operate.

In today’s video, we are showing you a documentary we made on different ways on how Nigerian Scammers (popularly known as “Yahoo Boys”) now operate through chatting, dating, spamming, charm and using of ladies used underwear for money rituals. We took this video further by interviewing 2 Native Doctors and a Pastor to shed more light on their encounters with youths seeking such power and money through these means and tell us a typical way it is done.

Sometime back in 2018, the president of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari in a summit called Nigerian youths lazy. And Nigerians both in the country and diaspora headed over to social media raging anger over such phrase altered by the president with a hashtag, #LazyNigerianYouth. With the recent activities of scammers in Nigeria which is most common to the Nigerian Youths on the street, should we say the President was wrong to have said that?

Nigerian Scammers “Yahoo Boys” have now become sensations on the internet to the extent that a lot of Nigerian youths sometimes look up to, as it has become a thing for these scammers to show off their flashy cars, money, phones and many more.

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