Nigerians try Russian Food for the first time

Yeah again, we are bringing to you our experience from tasting a lot of amazing Russian food. It was an amazing experience and we will like that you stay glued to your screen and watch us experience this together :-)

We actually had fun doing a lot of tasting these dishes and we must tell they are truly amazing and had mixed feelings on some of them. Folly was not this alone, she was accompanied by some Nigerian football lovers who also travelled to see the world cup 2018 in Russia.

We started this journey with the Russians who welcomed us to their country with a lot of music and dancing which they said, it is their way to welcome visitors to their abode. They also served us with some food like bread, Russian vodka, and a form of chop called “Zakuski”.

Blini, Kanavel, pike perch, baked potatoes and other dishes we tasted, thanks to the ladies who were really helpful by showing us the way ;-) Trust us na, we also had the local Kalinigrad beer, it was really good too. We had the company of two (2) who order dishes and also tricked us towards taking a food that did taste like salty raw Titus fish. The men were not left out, we also had beer, chicken, prawn, mushroom and other foods. Russia is too fun abeg.

It was fun all the way, we also meet guys from other countries, Brazil, Romania, Cyprus e.t.c. They told us about their experience with the Russian food and surprisingly, one of them have tasted Nigerian food, and he said he like it because he likes spicy food.

You can tell that Folly is gonna get fat automatically after this journey:-) What do you think of this food review video we just made for you? Hope you love it!

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